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HR Vision
Work Ambiance
Employee Development
We share a passion for exceeding customer expectations and achieving business results through administrative expertise and world-class human resource and business competencies, innovation, continuous learning and employee empowerment. We are respected as a valued partner and a strategic resource.
To provide services which
•  Address short and long term Human Resources requirements
•  Provide innovative solutions that enhance individual and organizational capability
•  Support leaders and employees in developing a culture of exceptional customer service and continuous learning
•  Contribute to employees well being by providing a growth oriented and  challenging research opportunities.
•  Responsiveness
•  Quality
•  Innovative Approaches
•  Integrity
•  Commitment to Diversity
•  Customer Delight
RR Labs Inc. is committed to maintaining a work environment where we treat each other with honesty, dignity and respect. We value the diverse contributions of all people, regardless of their position, family status, age, race, sex, disability, religion or national origin. All employment practices are based on ability and performance.
The diversity of employees is a tremendous asset. Valuing all employees as unique individuals leads to a more productive and fulfilling work environment.
All employees have the right to work in, and the Company is committed to, an environment free from harassment and discrimination, where privacy and dignity are respected and all are protected from offensive, obscene or threatening behavior. The Company will not tolerate sexual advances, actions, comments, inappropriate physical contact or any other conduct that is intimidating or otherwise creates an offensive or hostile work environment.
The Company often needs to acquire and retain personal information on individual employees for effective operation of our Company. It is the policy of the Company to maintain the confidentiality of this information and to limit access to authorized persons who need the information for business or legal purposes.
All employees have a right to, and the Company is committed to, a safe and healthy working environment which is also free from illegal drugs, violence, threats of violence and the influence of alcohol. The Company prohibits the illegal use, sale, purchase, transfer or possession of controlled substances, other than medically prescribed drugs, while on Company premises. Similarly, Company policy prohibits the unauthorized use, sale, purchase, transfer or possession of alcoholic beverages by employees on Company premises.
Each of the three important entities-the client, the individual, and the company-need to be nurtured to provide well-rounded growth. One of the ways we intend to make a difference in your career at Rational Labs is our Employee Growth Plan. The Growth Plan is a powerful tool and a hierarchal structure to support your growth as a person without setting limits on your opportunity.
You will work with someone in the company who will be your mentor to discuss and finalize your growth plan. Your mentor will meet you on regular basis to help you develop a schedule for your plan and meet your goals. Your plan is customized to your personal goals, current projects, and available opportunities.
RR Labs Inc. is an emerging contract synthesis firm with a fantastic track record in intermediate discovery, process chemistry and analysis. At RR Labs Inc. we believe that people are the building blocks of this company - the individuals who will help us explore new horizons. Our work place attracts, energizes and therefore retains the finest talent.
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