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Business Division
Custom Chemicals
Drug Discovery R & D
Bulk & Intermediates
Our Custom Chemical Services (CCS) business unit caters to the following needs of pharmaceutical companies that wish to outsource their requirements:
•  Contract Research
•  Custom Synthesis
•  Contract Manufacturing
CCS serves as a single-point contact for customers. It is capable of catering to diverse customer requirements - from grams to multi-tons. The unit promises speedy response to enquiries, with a turn-around time of two weeks, as well as dedicated resources in both R&D and manufacturing facilities.
CCS' cutting edge lies in its experience and expertise spanning a range of technologies, talented scientific personnel, large manufacturing capacities, modern infrastructure, speed and accuracy in response and customized and cost-effective solutions to a variety of chemistry problems.
The unit is committed to efficient business interaction with customers. To this end, we have created a dedicated, decentralized decision-making team. The panel is backed by decision support infrastructure and equipped with world-class software, hardware and communication channels.
Discovery research division includes
•  Basic research
•  Product and Process research
•  R & D for process optimization
•  R & D for hazardous chemicals
•  Collaborative research
•  R & D for clean technologies
Discovery research Potency
•  State-of-art infrastructure
•  Avant-garde science
•  Preeminent talented Scientist
•  Shared Vision
Bulk products and Intermediates
•  Custom Synthesis
•  Contract manufacture / Job works
•  Global and Local Market
Bulk product and Intermediate Strengths
•  Infrastructure
•  Proven Technical skills
•  Clean and Green technologiesst
•  In-house technology development
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